Why You Should Have Real Followers Instead Of 10,000 Robots

I’m sure you’ve notice the very obvious hike in followers that’s emerged on Twitter and more popularly on Instagram. Many social media users are moving towards third-party apps like Followers Fast and Free Followers to gain popularity on their social profiles. Although spending $15 on 100 followers may seem like a quick fix to your problem, is it really worth it?

Once you decide to purchase followers from any of these applications, you should also consider the 50/50 chance that your new-found followers can be robots and dummy accounts. What does this mean?

Robot and Dummy accounts that are not managed by real people, so they can’t buy the products that you’re selling, they can’t like your photos and videos, and most certainly won’t bring you any new followers. So what’s the point?

The trick to social media is to be consistent and interesting. If you take time and manage your social media account effectively, real people will actually follow you.

Take a look at these Instagram hacks, and leave those apps aloneeeee!

Find a Target Audience

Your Instagram profile has to convey a message to the people who visit your page and then find your target audience.

Take me for example, I am a writer and social media strategist, my Instagram should tell you that. I post a variety of music, fashion, beauty and motivational topics on my profile, so my target audience is anyone interested in those niches.

When you capture your target audience, people more inclined to like your post, follow you, buy your products, and tell their friends about you. You can search your target audience through popular hashtags or the ones you use the most. So if your page has a strong fashion influence, then you would search #Style or #Fashion and follow others using the same hashtag.

Suggested Followers

In addition to finding your target audience, following and engaging with your suggested followers will also increase your activity on Instagram. With this you have a chance of connecting with a real person with real interest that is similar to yours, you may even know some of these people personally. If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, following your suggested followers can result into real collaborations and deals with other businesses, you don’t have this option when you buy your followers!

Another trick is being attentive to who likes your friends post and other accounts that you’re following. Search your favorite Instagram account, see who follows and likes their content then follow them. You still share a common interest with these account users, follow them.

Raise Your Engagement

Consistency is key! It is important to post at least once a day, it’s very easy to be forgotten online!

Apart of being on social media is being social – like, comment, and follow others, they’ll see your interaction and feel more inclined to “return the love.”

Post attractive content – create beautiful unique content that your followers can’t get anywhere else. This will definitely raise your engagement.

Use hashtags. Again, hashtags are one of the best ways to get people from all over the world to see your content. It also helps categorize what your page and post are about as well as making it searchable for other Instagram users.

Track Your Growth

It’s hard to see your progress if you don’t have anything to compare it to. Try new techniques and hacks like giveaways and other promotions – measure the amount of followers, likes, and shares you’ve gained from it, that way you know what works and what doesn’t.

Set goals. If you want to reach a certain amount of followers, set a number and length of time then test it. See if you were able to make your goal, what helped, what hurt, what are some things that you can do differently next time.

Test everything.

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