[Biography] M.E.L. | Queens, NY

It’s a bright blue Monday morning in the Southside of Queens – more quiet than usual – school is back in session and anybody from around the way is out making a living or pursuing a dream. Standing not too far from the neighborhood where the members of G- Unit and Nicki Minaj grew up, a fresh breath in Queens hip-hop has just begun.


He sat in with a calm and collected aura and a Yeezy Season 2 sense of style. MEL, Money, Excellence, and Longevity, has always immersed himself into hip-hop. He grew up sonically respecting emcees like Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, Fabulous, Cassidy, and as of late G Herbo. MEL ultimately began rapping about his own goals and life experiences during his time at Queens High School For Teaching. There his friends exposed him to rap and to MEL, “it opened up my eyes.”

In his debut single Ride The Wave, MEL gives listeners a taste of his up-beat tempo and lyrical skill in a testimony to stay true to himself and make waves, not ride them. Music is more than a way to money for this young Queen artist; it’s his passion to create something worth listening to. All he needs is an iPhone and time and he’s sure to deliver.


With music being just a portion of his blueprint, MEL understands music and fashion has become synonymous and he has to stay ahead. Mel believes music and fashion are both platforms for people to express creativity, “people would take the same set and put it together differently.”

He is the biggest example of that, as Founder and Designer of Forever Rich Clothing, the urban street wear brand has represents hip-hop and artistry of the youth. Forever Rich has gained the likes of the cast of Money and Violence. “I want to be the best,” MEL says. That’s his main goal; with his eyes on starting a production company – BME – although it has only been a short period of time for MEL, he has much more to come.

Brought up with little, MEL is determined to go out with everything. In the next few years Forever Rich and MEL will become influential.

His debut mixtape will release this Thanksgiving, November 24.

Follow MEL on Instagram (m.e.lzepplin)

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