[Brand Alert] Take A Look At The Music Inspired Brand – Lyric Cut Clothing

New York is historical and influential in many ways. For one, the conscious and lyrical genre of Hip-Hop was born on the Bronx. To have an entire genre of music to be created in a particular region, is incredible. New York has even created a feel and style into the fashion world. Fashion and music has become increasingly synonymous, the two sends inspirational vibes, whether it be through sound or visuals. The Brooklyn based ready-to-wear brand, Lyric Cut Clothing, aims to pay homage to 90s fashion scene.

I kicked off the New Year with an interview with the designer of Lyric Cut Clothing, Shug,. As we sat in front of the building infamous rapper, Biggie Smalls, grew up in.

K: What does Lyric Cut Clothing represent?

S: I would describe it as a Brooklyn based company and a clothing line inspired by lyrics and inspirational quotes. It’s created to motivate eras and get my friends to pick different paths…really for motivational reasons.

K: Why did you want to do the interview in front of Biggies building?

S: Because that’s my motivation. He lived so close to me and what he achieved at a young age was remarkable. I would be honored to even be mentioned with a name like that. I don’t want to die, I want to create a legacy that lives on. I want to be a part of something huge.

K: Tell me about the collection and the different styles.

S: Lyric Cut Clothing is cut into three divisions: women’s, mens, and kids. The mens collection is more dominant (stands at the forefront). The ladies are being relaunched and the kids were just introduced.

K: What’s your inspiration for the mens line?

Photo cred: Lyric Cut Clothing
Photo cred: Lyric Cut Clothing

S: The collection is called the J23, it’s inspired by the 90s style sneakers. All the colors that are coming out,match with the sneakers.

K: So, what’s your favorite piece in the collection?

S: The sweat suites, I’m kind of digging those right now. The gray is my favorite one.

K: What’s the inspiration behind the women’s collection?

S: It’s mostly inspired by the 90s and the image of a the girl next door.

K: How often do you update your merchandise?

S: Every three month. I see what sells and what’s really going. I wouldn’t say I get bored with designs, but I want to keep moving forward. It kind of switches for me a lot. I’m ready to get passed the gorilla a move toward different things.

K: What does the gorilla symbol represent?

S: The 800 pound gorilla is an English expression for a powerful group that doesn’t follow laws or rules. I respect the rules, but who made it? Who said that’s how it’s supposed to be.

K: How would you describe the wearer of LCC?

S: I would describe them more trendy with a lot of individuality.

K: What’s the price range for your clothes?

S: It’s $20 to $150, but honestly the quality of the material is worth way more than that. But I’m doing it to get more product on the streets. My mission statement is to give the best quality for a low cost. You can’t deny the quality and I will always pick quality first.

Photo cred: Lyric Cut Clothing

K: Who’s your favorite designer?

S: My favorite designer was Armani for as long as I can remember. Armani has a certain type of feel and look for there clothes. A standard they’ll never go under.

K: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

S:  This is my plan, I want to build it up to show people in my community that it’s possible to build something from nothing. Sell it and get a money. I want to become a businessman. I have a passion for starting things and taking on new projects.

Lyric Cut Clothing recently made its debut for the kids line. However, the brand promises the best of Lyric Cut Clothing has yet to come, with expansion, business, and new designs on the target, it will be a busy year for the Brooklyn designer.

Stay on the radar with me and Lyric Cut Clothing below.






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