5 Agencies That Prove Why Temp Jobs & Internships Are A Good Idea

Most industries now, are hard to break into partially due to their qualifications and years of needed experience. I always say how will we get the opportunity if no one opens gives it to. However you have to also open the door of opportunity for yourself. You have to educate yourself on the different ways you can break into the work field. Temp job are just like internships, and trust me I’ve done enough of both to get where I am now.

I recently accepted a job as an HR Assistant and I also write for The RapFest. I held a temporary job (temp job) prior to that to give me the skills and experience I needed. At that temp job they offered me to stay and I accepted. The point is you have to understand the similarities as much as the differences, neither temp job or internships are less of a job or title, it actually a door created by ambitious individuals like yourself to break into the work force and acquire the knowledge and  experience you need. If anything you have an advantage over everyone else. If you’re a good worker, your bosses will love your work ethic and the way you conduct yourself in the office that there’s no need to outsource.

To further inform you on temp job and internships I’ve gathered a few sites with paid and free internship and temp jobs. Usually all temp jobs pay and even provide paid sick days and vacation. Take a look at the list below, and remember you have to create your own opportunity.

  1. Addison Group
    Addison Group‘s professional placement and search firm has reshaped the industry with opportunities in the Administrative & HR, Engineering, Executive Search, Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, and IT fields.
  2. Glocap Search
    Glocap Search is a premier search firm that recruits new employees to various industries in private equity funds, hedge funds, investment banks, fund of funds, consulting firms, real estate, and media & entertainment to name a few.
  3. Internships.com
    Internships.com is a Chegg service that provides the world’s largest student-focused internship marketplace. There mission is to bring students, employers and higher education institutions together in one location.
  4. Taylor Hodson Inc.
    Taylor Hodson is dedicated to providing professional and efficient experience tailored to the individuals specific interest. Taylor Hodson Inc. provide both temp and permanent jobs in the Administrative & HR, Media, and Fashion fields.
  5. Bon Temps                                                                                                                             BON TEMPS, which means good temps, is a legal staffing agency that aims to link possible employee’s to clients in the legal field. Jobs vary from Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, Receptionists, Law Librarians, Law Clerks, Executive Secretaries, Administrative Assistants, and Legal Clericals.

The pay varies among agencies and job, however you aren’t required to pay any fees upon joining, it’s completely free.


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