[Brand Alert] Drink Your Coffee In Style With Wolf & Man


Known for their minimalistic, clean-cut and refreshing aesthetic, Wolf & Man, has built their entire brand on concepts deriving from fashion and a minimalistic lifestyle.

From creating a sub level division for the brand “ORTHODOX,” working in the Menswear Division at Forever 21, to collaborating with various high-end brands; Founders and brothers, Kevin and Brian Chan, have created an impressive repertoire within the fashion industry.  Although the brothers enjoyed working with other brands, it clashed with their main goal – affordable quality clothing. “We always thought to ourselves, no one could afford these clothes. It’s amazing stuff and I know a lot of guys like me who love fashionable quality goods, but really can’t afford it,” says Kevin.

And then, a moment of clarity – we can just create our own line. And from that moment Kevin and Brian knew if they dedicated their time, knowledge, and creativity they could create something great. From there Wolf & Man was born. The entire line consists of quality pieces and unique tees for $120 or less. Wolf & Man’s simplistic aesthetic caters to the needs of their guys by offering unique 100% fair trade fabrics out of their small factory in Hong Kong.

While Hong Kong is the base for manufacturing Los Angeles is where the developing takes place. Most of brand’s inspiration comes from Kevin and Brian, where they have lived, and the different aesthetics from the places they love. San Diego brings out the beach theme; Canada provides the outdoorsy and basic feel; and New York offers its contemporary aesthetics. “We’re super inspired by a more American, European, and Asian feel, but we want to keep it young and refreshing,” Kevin says.

Wolf & Man’s location-inspired pieces drive from their favorite places and cultures, but the guys are constantly unveiling the many facets of Wolf & Man on their own. “Our look will always be minimal and clean, but our guys who wear it, they’re into so many things. One guy is like a hardcore skateboarder and some guys are graffiti artists, but you’ll never know because he’s so clean,” says Kevin.  He continues, “But all of these guys have this art that comes from within and they want to create a lane, do their own thing, in their own way and style.”

Inspiring and connecting with like-minded people is the most interesting part of the game for Kevin and his brother. They go door-to-door, travel state-to-state and introduce people to Wolf & Man.

“We literally drove our cars from San Diego to Vancouver, Canada because we wanted to see different types of retail shops out there.”

Through this dedication and passion Wolf & Man has developed a lifestyle brand. “We’ll do pop ups and fashion conventions maybe once or twice a year and the same guys always come say hi.”

Wolf & Man’s conservative lifestyle has brought the company to new heights through collaborations with Dakota Lee, who became the face of the brand, while expanding their goods to the rich taste of coffee.

So what does the future look like for Wolf & Man? Kevin and Brian plan to introduce new shorts, pants, loose fitting khakis, and more T-shirts – made with poly blend fabric, which stretches and provides density without being too lightweight – along with accessories in coming seasons.
As a duo, Brian and Kevin are constantly creating pieces that reflect who they are. Wolf & Man is built on the influence of nature and new ideas. Kevin says,

“We make amazing clothes, but it’s who represents us out there [as] well, from photographers, models, concept artists, illustrators, and other brands and people who make products we don’t but co-align ourselves aesthetically.”

Wolf & Man inspires the youth culture to lead the pack and be the oxymoron of fashion, whether it’s traditional and progressive or respectful and rebellious, and to stay true to who you are.


“Hopefully we keep Wolf & Man very pure and appealing. I don’t know if we ever want to make the collection huge, but we always want to make it consistent.”

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This article has also been published on The Urban Atlas.

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