[Review] 6 Things We Learned From Dante Hill’s “While We Work”

Over the weekend, Rooftop Dream Team’s leading artist, Dante Hill, hosted a private listening party for his first EP, While We Work. To prepare for his March 6 release, the Bronx bred rapper filled Lounge Studios with industry heads and potential collaborators to introduce the project. Here’s eight things we ale armed from while we work.

It’s more than just music for Dante Hill

To kick off the EP, Hill began with the base and electric infused sounds of the “While We Work” single. The song gives further meaning to what the project represents as a whole. Both the EP and the single reveals Hill’s journey in music and figuring out where he wants to be. Hill’s drive, love, and dedications are very noticeable on this track.

Hill is not afraid to talk about his relationships with women

In an uptempo and somewhat reckless club banger, “So Right” featuring Shell Sneed, channels all the times Hill has gotten his heart-broken to say the least. He mention throughout the song that people say he only f*cks with himself, they are so right. Following “So Right” the official single “Momentum takes a different approach to Hill’s experience with woman. This catchy upbeat song talks about the right and wrongs of being with someone else’s girl. It seems Hill has no problems being the side dude for a while.

Dante Hill is putting his emotions out there for you to hear

In a heartfelt and though provoking track without a hook or chorus, “Freshmen Year” talks more about women particularly his ex, his comedic father, and what he plans to bring into the music industry, among the other things weighing heavy on his heart. This track lyrically puts Hill in the lane of Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole. “Freshman Year”set the done for the entire project.

Dante Hill embraces competition 

“Come For It” featuring Rooftop Dream Team’s DJ Cutz, sonically give off the confidence every rapper needs to make it in this industry. Hill makes a point that it’s his time while encouraging everyone to come for it because he’s ready. This song gives off a true 90s feel from the beat to the content. Come catch these bard Hill is serving.

Dante Hill will have longevity in this game

In his interlude, “Trademark,” Hill unveils how he’s trademarked his team and name with some major forces in the industry from ThisIs50, HotNewHipHop, and more.

He represents all the guys who know their full potential and worth

Dante Hill has uses his love for reading, poetry, storytelling, and vocabulary to create a larger message and movement. Dante Hill is more than a local Bronx native, he makes music that capture moments and provoke emotions.

Have a listen for yourself, download While We Work on Soundcloud below.



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