5 Tips On Becoming A Better Business Woman

The business world can be challenging, there are always things to do and learn before you start any business. Creating a clear direction on where you want to go and figuring out what your ultimate goal is helps you tremendously. Model, actor, and business administrative graduate, Zarrella Robinson, has works with Veteran Affairs and looks to share what she’s learned with her fellow femmes.

Take a look at her five step guide for aspiring business women.

Build A Business Network

“Surround yourself with people that are going to help you get closer to your goal.”
Make time to meet new people in your field or get together with your friends to share and discuss your professional background and goals. Generating these conversation will show your drive and interest, and who knows, the help you need may just be in your group of friends.

Becoming A Better Woman

As women, or maybe humans in general, we tend to always find the flaws in ourselves. Instead of dwelling on those flaws and other factors in life that try to bring you down, rise above it. Be the uplifter you need and find ways to improve your life in all areas: love, work, and family.

Stay Active

When it comes to progression and goals, you have to constantly work towards it. Once you set any career, fitness, or education goals for yourself, you should set daily or monthly goal to ensure you achieve them. Stay on top of your progress and don’t forget to share your techniques with your friends.

Be Known In Your Community

Sayings like “home is where the heart is,” has some truth to it. You should always provide and help for your community before you try to fix any other issues in the world. Make your presence know and allow people in your community to see what you do. This will create not only opportunities, but a good reputation.  If you need to recruit other people in your community to achieve a goal or plan an event to strengthen your network.


Whether you’re in school or not, you never stop learning. School shapes you to me the receiver and provider of knowledge, you cannot do, what you don’t know. Be sure to always update yourself on world new, new technologies, investments, opportunities, and stock.



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