Biography: Young Mike – The Heart Of The City

New Jersey rapper, Young Mike, was destined to pursue a career in music before he knew it himself. The 23-year old musician — born Tyrus Shamar Odom-Holly born on February 14 — gained the name Young Mike, due to the different ways he can change his voice on the mic.

YoungMike-Kowboy GangThe 90s bred, picked up his first microphone at the age of eight. Young Mike’s later new found confidence as a rapper, singer, and songwriter him to auditioned for the Righteous Rapping Contest at Passaic County Community College, where he won 2nd place. Although he was proud of his accomplishment, being the next best thing wasn’t good enough for him. When he sets his mind on a goal, not only will he do it, but also he will be great at it. In between performing at local cookouts, birthday parties, and talents shows, Young Mike was asked to return to Passaic County Community College to perform at the finals, where he came in 1st place.

Unfortunately Mike ran into some trouble when he got arrested for robbery. His experience in juvenile detention exposed him to some gruesome living and eating conditions that Young Mike wasn’t use to. Upon his returned freedom, he vowed he would never go back to jail. He got back into the music and performed at the Boys and Girls Club of Paterson and Passaic.

As Young Mike continued to grow as an artist, he performed at popular venues such as the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Grand Opening of the Tabu Lounge in Newark, New Jersey where he sang “I’m Just A Rapper” for former Mayor Sharpe James. Young Mike has also performed in New York with Fat Man Scoop and Brother Sims in Paterson in New Jersey for Aids Awareness and Prevention of Gang Violence. He later threw an album release party at Barbra Norris and Richard Source’s house, who were his producers at the time.

Young Mike later changed his writing focus from themes of violence to his feelings and the hopes that he will be the next acclaimed rapper and a role model for the community. In his song, “Broken Promises” he conveys a heartfelt testament of his determination and road to success.

The artist later became a full time father of two kids, Kimora and Makai Odom-Holly, and gained an interest in the community and influencing others. He started the “No Smokin” campaign, which is created to stop kids from being involved in gun violence. When he makes it, he looks forward to contributing to charity, specifically in health care relief for those who cannot afford medical treatment. As an asthmatic himself, he is eager to help finding a cure for this illness.

Young Mike continued to perform shows in New Jersey building his fan base and career. Soon after he was featured on the front page of the Herald News, began networking, collaborating with local artists, and meeting with RCA/SONY A&R, Kirk Lightburn, and Vice President Lenny Santiago at Roc Nation.

In hopes to create new ways to share his story, Young Mike partnered with investor and business professional, Maximo Arias, established the indie record label Maxx Musik and KowBoy Gang. Young Mike’s latest single and music video shot by Nimi Hendrix, “All I Want Is You,” garnered over 700,000 plays and will be featured on his highly anticipated EP, The Heart Of The City.


Biography written by Krissy Lewis of

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