5 Ways To Survive Winter In New York

If you’re a New Yorker the 60 and 70 degree weather and a snowless Christmas shouldn’t fool you into thinking it’s going to be an easy winter. Last year gave us plenty of snow storm to remind us how cold it can get in our city of bright lights. So instead of hiding from the cold weather, embrace it and stay warm with these five ways to survive winter in New York.


Fashion-Forward millennials get excited about the winter because it’s the season to add more. Layering is also the trick to show off your outfit and stay warm. At Colabination you can mix pieces like Thread Society’s Slouchy Fleece and MINNOJI’s Jordan Jacket with Composure’s Regan Scarf and to complete your look a warm leather pant.

Layering also allows you to bundle up with leggings and other undergarments, that only you can see and feel.


The colder weather gives you the chance to have fun with your accessories that other seasons don’t allow. Hat, gloves, and scarves can also serve as your statement piece. Of a Kind offers its line of unique Pom Pom Beanies.


Need Supply also has a line of indie designer gloves and scarves that will help keep you warm and cozy.


Shopping for a new jacket or coat should be a winter investment. However, the more you spend doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be warm. Find a coat with fur, faux fur, or a lining that will increase the warmth during the frigid snow storms and below zero weather. California Crown, available at Colabination, offers a streetwear favorite, The Attitude Bomber. The bomber jacket is made with 100% satin shell and a polyester quilted lining, embroidered stars and ‘CROWN’ logo on back.

Socks and Footwear

Bundle up with warm and fuzzy socks, not only will your toes be comfy, but with all of the versatile designs, you’ll be looking good from head-to-toe. Fab offers a variety of  stylish high quality socks made of cotton and elastic for some added stretch.

Onesies and Sweatsuits

Onesies have became increasingly popular due to its fun designs, comfortable fit, and of course the extra warmth. Now BooHoo has offered a line of ready-to-wear onesies for inside and outside the home like their Cara Bardot set.



Layer up and stay warm.

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