Why You Should Shop At American Rag

California brand, American Rag CIE, aims to bring fashion mavens the best quality of clothing and to illustrate style is about quality not price.

What started out to be a small rare clothing store, quickly merged into a contemporary-vintage apparel to unify the activities and style of people in California and around the world.

Founder, Mark Werts, became obsessed with clothing at a young age when he realized fashion bought him the attention he wanted from the right group of people — women. He opened the first American Rag in Newport Beach 1984 then quickly expanded into Los Angeles.Without having any sentimental attachment to the brand name, Werts simply came up with it and took immediate liking. Although the name may sound anything less designer, American Rag CIE shares its home with various fashion labels like J BrandPaigeNaked and FamousG-StarPuma, and Rag & Bone amongst many other in both their online and in-store boutique.

With only two stores in the United States, American Rag CIE still makes an impact worldwide. The menswear and womenswear store bases its aesthetics on fun American fashion, the simple luxuries, and culture of California. The company continues to maintain its fashionable fresh boutique aura and the line vintage-inspired colors and prints and the season’s latest trends online and through it’s exclusive line with mega department store, Macy’s. American Rag has become the number one selling brand in the junior’s department and one of California’s most popular boutiques.

Shop American Rag CIE here.


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