5 Min Makeover: Pull Off This Seasons Smokey Eye

Beauty and makeup trends change every season, but the smokey eye still remains the most sexy and dramatic look in makeup. The smokey eye has become so increasingly popular on and off the runway that brands like Urban Decay’s Naked, are selling palettes catered to the trend.

Well here at IAF we’ve made pulling off this seasons smokey eye a bit easier for you with these simple five-minute steps.

Start with your base

Usually when you watch makeup tutorials, foundation is one of the last products artist apply however, for this smokey eye look its good to set your face up prior to adding shadow so your face has an even tone. Make sure it’s blended properly! Ulta Beauty’s BareMinerals Pure Brightening foundation, is a tone-correcting mineral foundation and brightening serum in one. It’s great for a base because it applies very easily and creates seamless adjustable coverage, a natural finish, and a brighter more youthful appearance.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Next, is your concealer. Concealer is very important and you should always have it ready when you’re about to do a smokey eye. Apply your concealer around the cheek area up to the bottom lashes, around the nose eliminating any shadowy areas, and the inner corners of your eyes, using a brush will create an even and efficient results. Lancome’s Effacernes Protective Undereye Concealer is the perfect concealer for this setting your smokey eye base. The waterproof highlighter gives you a complete and natural-looking coverage that evens skin tone and covers dark circles with a matte finish.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

That’s it, now you’ve set your base!

Start with a pencil

You have the option of using eyeliner pencils of eye shadow sticks, both work great, but the easier it is to apply the better the smokey eye. Apply the pencil to your top and bottom lids like you would when putting on eyeliner, one you’ve done that rub the liner in giving it a smudged look. You’ll already begin to she your smokey eye coming together.

Mally Beauty’s Evercolor Shadow Stick will give you a smokey eye effect before you finish. The multifunctional shadow stick is your primer, shadow base, and eye shadow all in one. You can also use it as an eyeliner or use it to line and define a quick smokey eye, it’s creamy texture helps to smooth out fine lines for the smudged look you want to achieve.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Now it’s time for your shadow

Apply your desired eyeshadow color to your top eyelid all the way to the socket and start blending the color. Ulta Beauty offers Urban Decay’s Naked Smoky Palette, which comes with a dozen smokey neutrals, including nine never-before-seen shades and three exclusives from past palettes. Have fun with the warm bronzes, dimensional grays, rich browns, gorgeous taupes and deep black.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

For extra intensity

You can add a shadow that has primer or any other eye-popping effects in it, like Mally Beauty’s Shadow Base, it will bring out the color of your first layer of shadow.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

And to finish..

Apply long-lasting voluminous mascara to complete the smokey eye. What most people don’t know is that  your lashes completes the smokey eye look adding an extra dramatic touch with fluffy long black lashes. Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara curls and adds full flourish of lashes with its 10 layers of bristles.

Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty

Follow these simple steps for your five-minute smokey eye makeover. For more tips follow @iamfeistyy on Twitter and IG.

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