A Day In Downtown Brooklyn

Over the weekend I toured the great city with Joe, who’s a rising New York artist. He has lived in New York for most of his life and seen half of the greatest attributes of the city. Sure, the bright lights that fill 42nd Street is a must, but there’s way more than that meets the eye. The greatest gems of the city lie in the backstreets and hidden areas throughout the city.

From writer to writer, I figured taking Joe, better known by his rap name Ch.I.L.L, to a few of the most inspirational places I know.

The best thing about living in New York is the access to pretty much whatever you want and need. Although I’ve lived in the city for 23 years, I still get inspired by the people and  the scenery. New York City is a naked canvas, awaiting creativity by the world, I told Ch.I.L.L.

We started in Downtown Brooklyn, which has changed significantly over the years. The first stop was Walt Whitman Park. We sat, talked, wrote, absorbed the sun, and watch the view of the Brooklyn Bridge. “I’ve never been there,” says Ch.I.L.L. From there we stumbled upon a small art museum, a few high fashion stores, Brooklyn Bridge, the city skyline, and more.

View pictures from our tour below.

prayer.jpgcity line.jpgunder the bridge.jpgeyes.jpglooking.jpgPhoto courtesy of Ch.I.L.L edited by @iamfeistyy

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