5 New Beauty Products We Cant Stop Talking About

With over 50 beauty brands, everyday there’s a new product is release whether it’s skincare, makeup, or hair supplies. As more goods are made available to us, the trends are constantly changing and it can be difficult finding one that’s best for you. To alleviate some your stress from picking and choosing which beauty products to buy, we’ve created a list of our current obsessions.

Take a look at theses new beauty essentials that we cannot stop talking about!

Big Brow Pencil


I am a sucker for a well structured eyebrows, this big brow pencil from Mac Cosmetics fills in your eyebrows naturally without making your brows look super drawn in. The chubby mechanical pencil is available at any Mac store for $21.

The Brow Set


To bring out the true thickness and perfectly structured eyebrows that we all crave, the Big Brow pencil doesn’t stand alone. To eliminate messy brows and long hair moving out of place, Mac introduced a brush-on gel that strokes brows into shape while adding shine and style.

Find it at Mac for just $17.

Fashion Fair Foundation Stick


I recommend fashion fair to all shades of beauty, however when it comes to commercial brand foundation, Fashion Fair is the best when it comes to women of color. There is a variety of Browns, caramels, and mochas. The Fashion Fair Foundation stick is an easy-apply foundation you can use either your hands or blending brush for. You can even go as far as purchasing lighter and darker shades and use it as a concealer as well as for definition.

I’m obsessed with this $30 foundation stick.



Sticky to the lip trend for berry and nude lips, this lip set offers formulated and moisturized colors with a slick shine.

Find this gem at Ulta Beauty.

My Gel


MyGel 4 low ozAs I continue with my transition from relaxed to natural hair, I’m always looking for a good edge control/Gel. I discovered “MyGel” by Joie Naturals and it conditions, thickens, and nourishes hair while keeping everything laid. It acts as both a gel and grease do you’ll have soft edges without the white residue!


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