Kill Time During Your Travels With These Tips

Traveling can be hectic and sometimes boring without the right company and packing essentials. For your next business trip or solo getaway connect to your wifi and keep busy with these 10 activities in mind.

  1. Read a book
    Reading a book is always a great choice, get lost in a mystery or fantasy novel as your take flight through the beautiful clouds and the vibrant blue sky.
  2. Prepare for your meeting or trip
    Prepare your notes for your meeting, make sure all the points you have to cover is written down and ready to go, you can never be too prepared. If your just going on a solo getaway from your kids or spouse, plan your internally if you haven’t already. What are some thing you want to do and see. Start the excitement before you land.
  3. Binge watch
    If you have a show series you need to catch up on or want to start this is the perfect time for that. Sit back and enjoy hours watching a new series or sitcom or maybe a movie on your laptop or tablet.
  4. Sleep
    Beauty rest is another great option, you’ll be well rested by the time you land to enjoy a new city or place. This is also a good choice if you’re not a fan of flying, this will make your trip quick and easy.
  5. Talk to your neighbor
    You never know who you’ll be sitting next to on the plane, you may even discover a buddy or just a great conversation — you already have a common interest of destination. Discover more!
  6. Play games
    There are a bunch of games in your app store to keep you more than occupied, unlock a new level in Candy Crush or play an old school game and bring a crossword puzzle — exercise your brain a little.
  7. Write a journal entry
    Record your thoughts an excitement in a journal, you can use this later with photos from your trip to create a great story for your friends, family, or coworker.
  8. Listen to music
    Listen to your favorite artist to get you through the long flight or if there is a new album you haven’t gotten the change to listen to, you have all the time to do so on your flight.
  9. Shop
    To stay entertained wifi will be your best friend on the plane, log on to your favorite clothing store and shop for some last-minute necessities and have it shipped to your hotel room.

    Last but not least…

  10. Food and drinks
    Enjoy the food and a little bit of drinks if you have a few hours to kill before your meeting. Discover the drinks your airline has to offer.

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