Enhance Your Videos With VIBBIDI

Pictures and videos have become increasingly popular through apps and websites like Instagram, Vine, and the evolution of YouTube. A new easy-to-use video editing app, VIBBIDI, allows users to create beautiful and professional videos, without any existing video skills, to share on VIBBIDI and your other social platforms.

Photo cred: VIBBIDI

CEO, Kazuhiro Naya, aims to give access to beautiful and impressive videos to anyone by eliminating the difficulties. Here’s how it works, once you download VIBBIDI in your App Store, it prompts an option for the different clips and the videos durations. Your options are — an one second x 12 clips, two seconds x six clips, 15 seconds x one clip,  and 30 seconds x one clip. After you chose your clips the creativity begins.

You’re able to create a closing title to display any text you want people to see. Next, you’ll choose from a variety of filters, saturation and contrast editing options, and music options from iTunes or your phone. Now you’re ready to share your work with the VIBBIDI community and earn followers.

Take a look at IAF’s video featuring Makeup artist, Tabby, showing us how to use the new products from Mac’s Sculpted Face Collection. The contour and highlight products defines and enhances your features.

VIBBIDI is very quick and easy for sharing moments with your friends or working on a blog post. Get VIBBIDI free in your App StoreThis app is only available to Apple iPhones and iPad users.

For more videos follow me @iamfeistyy.

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