10 Colors To Rock This Season

We’ve all look, studied, and perhaps gawked over the Fall/Winter trends for 2015 and 2016. Although patterns and styles are essential to every fashionista, when entering a new season, colors play a major role in your wardrobe as well. Dark, neutral, and bold electric colors compliments the trends for this season.

Incorporate these fall /winter color trends to your wardrobe.

amethyst-orchid-iafAmethyst Orchid
Pushing for more bright colors, this shade of purple gives off a sense of uniqueness and eroticism. Go all out for the upcoming season.

Cadmium Orange
Don’t be afraid to take a blast into the past with this daring yet playful shade of orange. Although it’s great to exude sophistication, strength, and confidence, it’s even better to be playful.

stormy-weather-iafStormy Weather
The stormy weather is a grey color with a blue under tone which resembles the sky before a thunder-storm. If your ever feeling under the weather — no pun intended — this is the perfect color to step out in the city in. As seen in Michael Kors and Stella McCartney Fall/Winter runway collection, the bold and powerful shade of grey is perfect for making a statement and conveying a sense of security, nobility, and confidence. This is a perfect color for a woman in fashion, power, or heading the next meeting.

Olive Greenolive-green-iaf
The reoccurring trend of olive green also known as the “dried herb” has made its mark and will undoubtedly return for many season to come. Pulling from a militant and safari influence this a strong, bold, yet earthy color embodies a sophisticated and chic look for a night out with the girls, office event, a day out in the town, or even a meeting. The dried herb is also a great combination with bright statement colors and pieces.

Fall-2015-reflecting pond-iaf

The Reflecting Pond
The reflecting pond is exactly what it sounds like, the cooling shades of blue, but taking it a step further to appreciate the deeper tones such as navy. This being one of the most popular color trend seen in Givenchy and Tory Burch, the shades of blue offer a reflective, thoughtful, and compelling feel. This is a perfect color for big cities like New York and Paris and look great materials such as tweed to accentuate its chicness. Taking a look at comfortability which is essential for Anatomie, this color palette also lends a sense of calmness and tranquility.

The ever so chic and ever so timeless is the universal color for every season, but it shines the most during the fall and winter time. The classic, chic, and professional look that black adds to any style or outfit is a must have for ever women’s wardrobe.

Biscay Baybiscay-bay-iaf
If there darker blues isn’t necessarily your forte, the biscay bay is a brighter blue that takes from the teal family. With it’s mix of tropical greens and serene blues, this is the perfect elegant and classy color for the fall/winter seasons. To further emphasize on its luxurious color designers have paired this with silk, cashmere, and other quality materials.

Metallic Silver
We can all say we were preparing for this trend. It became the hair color trend in the beginning of the year, now it’s gracing our closets with more fun futuristic pieces.

cashmere-rose-iafCashmere Rose
If pretty in pink has taught us anything, it’s that… We’re all pretty in pink. As Chanel and Dolce & Gobbana has unveils in their runway shows is the bright and rich chicness of pink. Bring out your  inner 60s this fall with cashmere pink.

The Marsala takes from a shade of burgundy that is as fine as wine. It’s tasteful, fun, and offers a bit of fantasy for this the fall. This is another very popular color that may appear more that once.

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