The Grade Saves Mobile Dating

Photo cred: Krissy Lewis
Photo cred: Krissy Lewis

A new online mobile app has designed a new lane for high-quality users to find meaningful companionship.

There’s a lot to consider when looking for companionship online. What exactly are you looking for? Does this person really want love? Is this person who they say they are? Who are you compatible with? What site/app works best for you? With this in mind, Cliff Lerner, CEO of The Grade, created an app that will generate a letter grade for each users profile, responses, and message quality (spelling and grammar mistakes, use of slang/offensive words, etc.) and expel those who receive an F. “Each individual grade is calculated by averaging the overall grades from users in each borough. With this app, users are responsible for their own actions online,” says Account Executive, Katie Lambert.

Unlike The Grade’s competitors, the app matches you with individuals within your racking versus dating websites that rank you by your online popularity. “It’s all about fame nowadays and likes,” says Keshawn Steele. As a result he’s turned to online dating as a way to meet women, “I’ve done it all, any website that they’ve made, I’ve done them,” Steele continued, “majority of the girls that I got on Facebook, I had sex with, it’s only because they had a good personality. They excited me.”

In today’s generation 9,000 likes and 32,000 followers on websites like Instagram and Twitter, labels you as someone worth knowing. You’ll appear more alluring than someone with 30 likes and 1,000 followers. Although Steele’s intentions are to establish friendships and casual hookups, the goal for these new high-quality dating apps and website is to make finding a quality match easier for pursuers without weeding through people with different agendas.

Take for example, Lee Lopez, a 25 year-old digital media account manager. She’s used websites like Plenty of Fish and Interracial Dating to find an exclusive relationship. It turned out that many of the men had similar intentions to Steele and just wanted casual hookups. “Surprisingly guys are really upfront about just having sex,” says Lopez. “Of course they lure you in by posting they are looking for a relationship and switch it up when you actually have a conversation with them.”

After three dates and a year of online dating Lopez decided to give it up. “There were close to 100 guys that I spoke to on these apps.” Lopez says. “I was serious about weeding through the dudes on theses sites/apps, but the closer the number got to 100 the less hope I had of finding a decent guy to at least hold a conversation with.” Online dating has left Lopez hopeless and even discouraged from finding love online, “I deleted my accounts and haven’t looked back since.”

Although mobile dating apps have become increasingly popular, users are still finding themselves in a fatal attraction with inappropriate, hostile and undesirable singles. The Grade, believes mobile daters deserve a superior experience and aims to create a genuine space for those interested in dating. This female-friendly app is for available for iPhones and Androids.







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