Take a Look Into SUARÉ NY

Headed by Dreu Sanchez, the Bronx based innovative menswear, SUARÉ NY, is far beyond a clothing line. SUARÉ combines artistic and fashionable elements through lighting and simplistic yet intriguing designs for men and occasionally, the ladies.

“People can get away with selling such uninteresting pieces of clothing to the public and become so beneficial off of it, why can’t I do the same thing, except actually create something that will innovate the clothing scene and not just something to make a quick buck off of.And that’s when the thought of SUARÉ came about.” 

What was the idea behind SUARÉ NY?
Dreu: SUARÉ is a brand I decided to create in order to have a platform to show the world my creative side of things, whether that is clothes, videos, music, anything really. At the moment I produce uniquely crafted garments. A pet peeve of mine happens to be hearing the word “clothing brand,” considering how oversaturated that term has been used lately. I basically wanted to create a brand in general that I can just get innovative with.

Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino
Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino

What inspired you to start your own collection? Why fashion?During the year of 2010, I created a blog site with Tumblr. I decided to make a Tumblr for the simple reason of being so amused at how different this type of social networking platform was compared to Facebook and Twitter at the time. Within a matter of months, I noticed a steady rise in followers, solely off of the things I had been posting that interest me, and coincidentally interest a lot of other people as well. Two years later, I had gained a following of a little over ten thousand followers that had been observant in me as a person, as well as other things I had been involved in. That’s when it hit me.

What type of materials do you use?
Dreu: From the start until now, I have used a variety of fabrics ranging from different types of cotton blends, to neoprene, to mesh, to many other types of materials there is to come. It all depends the types of materials I need, and how exclusive they are to certain areas. Sometimes it’s overseas, sometimes it’s down in the fashion district. Could be anywhere really.

Who are some designers that inspire you?
Dreu: The first person I think of when it comes to designers that inspire me would have to be Jonny Johansson, The Creative Director & Co-Founder of Acne Studios. This guy is a genius and I don’t feel like he gets the amount of shine as he should. If you know me, you know I’m a sucker for clean cut, solid color pieces, that obtain that high end quality all at the same time. The types of color schemes he uses all seem to compliment each other no matter what season you’re looking at, it is truly impressive. You can literally wear any Acne piece, from any season, and still maintain a gratifying aesthetic to your outfit.

Are there any artists that inspire you?
Dreu: Kanye West, Pharrell, and Wiz Khalifa have been inspiration on multiple occasions. What inspires me most about these artists is that they all have their own style of dressing, each of their styles very unique and innovative.

Tell me about your creative process. What goes on in your mind when you’re creating?
Dreu: The creative process varies heavily. I really like to be inspired at random moments. Some of my best ideas I have created mostly came to me out of the blue.

Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino
Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino

Do you handle everything by yourself or do you work with a team?
Dreu: 99.9% of the things I do, I handle myself.

Was there any hardships as an upcoming designer from the Bronx?
Dreu: I wouldn’t say it’s hard, but it does have its challenges here and there. I never really thought of myself as just an upcoming designer from the Bronx. I always like to think of myself as a person just trying to make it, in what seems to be such a hard world to succeed in. I feel if someone has the drive and ambition to work hard and be consistent, they can make it out of anywhere.

Did you follow a blueprint when starting this?
Dreu: I just ran with what I’ve learned on my own, and started to go with the flow. Everyday I learn more and everyday I seem to be getting closer to a blueprint in which I can follow for future. But as of now, I’m just acquiring knowledge.

How would you categorize SUARÉ NY?
Dreu: For the most part, I like to let my customers and audience interpret the brand in a way that mostly relates to them. I personally would not be able to categorize SUARÉ, simply for the fact that one season can be street wear and the next can be higher end cut sew garments. SUARÉ is always changing as well as always adapting to its environment. So I’d consider it to be more versatile than anything else.

Photo cred: Alexandro Paulino
Photo cred: Alexandro Paulino

Tell me a bit about your current collection.
Dreu: The most recent collection had been put together, heavily basing on the minimalistic style of designing, maintaining those monotone types of colors and styles I had been creating since the beginning. My main goal in this collection was to release a bit more variety of clothing that has yet to be featured. The newly added pieces I incorporated in the most recent collection, that SUARÉ has never been seen using include: a ski mask, oxford button up shirt, and the detail of incorporating colored 3M graphics to every piece in the FW14 collection.

Why haven’t you done any fashion shows?
Dreu: I personally don’t feel I want to journey into that type of environment, just yet, until I feel SUARÉ is where I want it to be.

What’s your ultimate goal?
Dreu: My ultimate goal consists SUARÉ being one of the biggest brands to come out of New York. Possibly open up a small storefront in lower Manhattan, and be apart of the fashion giants I’ve idolized over the years. I wouldn’t mind designing for other major brands as well, possibly becoming a creative director of a high-end company in the future.

Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino
Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino

Your style reflects a lot in the SUARÉ brand, why merge your style with your brand?
Dreu: My personal style greatly influences the pieces I create for SUARÉ. I always keep the mentality in my head of only being sure to create garments that I would wear. I would never release anything to the public that I wouldn’t wear personally. SUARÉ is the creative outlet I use to design pieces I would like to see in stores, so I use my power to actually bring my ideas to life, in turn resulting in the brand reflecting my personal style.

What is your favorite piece?
My favorite piece might possibly be the reflective bucket hat that’s made of 100% black reflective material. What I like most about it is how nonchalant this hat is. It looks like a regular black bucket hat, until lights reflects off of it, then it’s a whole different story.

What can we expect from your next collection?
Dreu: I can guarantee you can expect that same minimalistic, edgy feel with a brand new assortment of different color schemes and styles of clothing. As of now, there will be an anticipated summer capsule collection, a bigger FW15 collection, and as well as the introduction to some collaborations I have in the works. I suggest everyone pays close attention to what we have in store.

Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino
Photo credit to Alejandro Paulino

Who are some possible collaborators to look out for?
I’d like to keep the collaborations a secret for now. But I can tell you that it will consist of some artists, musicians, and some small brand / business owners.

What keeps you going?
What keeps me going the most is the constant support messages and emails I receive from random people around the world. It keeps me on track and really motivates me to never stop pursuing what some people can only dream about. I have managed to create a platform to showcase my designs, and I plan on taking advantage of this by continuing to create product for the customers who love SUARÉ , and for the future audience who will become familiar with what SUARÉ has to offer.

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