FKA Twigs Left Fans Wanting More At Brooklyn Concert

Photo Credit: Tom Watkins
Photo Credit: Tom Watkins

The high energy, loud music, and bright strobe lights was merely half of the enchanting performance FKA Twigs put on last night.

Fans were hypnotized by her triple threat theatrical, dance, and vocal infused performance at the Brooklyn Hanger for Congregata 2015 last night (May 18).

Since FKA Twigs has reached rising fame from her second EP, EP2, released in 2013 and her first studio album, LP1, the show served as a pinnacle in the singer/dancer’s evolution. Congregata, which means there gathered, highlights the gathering of her friends who were seen on stage doing extraordinary vogueing, acrobatics, and krumping.

The “Pendulum” singer moved seductively in a navy blue bustier,that took on many variations throughout the night, as she performed favorites like, “Two Weeks,” “Video Girl,” and “Give Up.”

Check out the full set list below:

Water Me
Lights On
Papi Pacify
Tw-ache / Wet Wipez
I’m Your Doll
Give Up
Figure 8
Video Girl
Glass & Patron
In Time
Two Weeks
How’s That

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