New Music: King Reign “Happylaidback”

Former Sony/Columbia artist King Reign (Rhyme Energy In God’s Nature) presents his self-directed video for his new single, “Happylaidback” off his new album Sincere. Following his last song, “Chemical Romance,” which was featured on 2DopeBoys, he provides us with a different perspective on who Reign is. “The phrase ‘Happylaidback‘ describes my everyday personality,” says Reign. “As a Libran I strive to stay balanced. Balance equates to happiness for me. No matter how busy or stressed I am, the plan is to stay relaxed through it all. The plan is to be happy. The verses tell you that I’m still working on it. ‘I’m busy like Tuesday, easy like Sunday morning’.”

Sincere is out now and available to stream here

For more follow King Reign on

Twitter: @kingreignthe1st

Instagram: @kingreignthe1st

Facebook: KingReignMusic

Check out his website too


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