Are Your Resolutions Becoming A Blur?

We all tend to make New Years Resolutions that are difficult to keep, and it’s not because we have absolutely no faith in ourselves to fall through with them, but you know.. life happens — we work, we have kids, school, etc. and sometimes we forget. And there are other times when were realize that our resolutions are actually long-term goals or short-term goals that for whatever reason were never reached, which makes it even harder to achieve. So we’re two months in… how’s your progress? I’ll tell you about mine.

I decided to do things differently this year. I couldn’t actually remember a time when I remembered my resolution past March to be honest (pathetic, I know) so you know I’ve never completed one single resolution since ever. But that’s about to change. I thought of a way to intergrade my resolutions into my daily life that way I won’t forget and it’s still achievable within the year. Here’s a list of my resolutions and how I plan to complete them.


No more jobs, Feisty needs a career now
I’ve been working in retail for almost six years and I hate it, but I realize that everything is a sacrifice. This broke college girl needs money in her pockets but also needs a flexible schedule to do apprenticeships and complete her courses. However, I’ll graduate in May with my B.A. in Multimedia Journalism so I’m giving myself a year tops, to find career in my field. In order to keep up with my resolution to be an employed journalist I’ve only applied to internships that offer employment. In addition to that I’m always looking for entry level jobs in my field and who’s hiring on websites like,, LinkedIn, among many others. I’ve even set up alerts to keep me on top of my game. Plus I’m so over my job, so that gives me the extra kick that I need.

Watch more TV series and videos
Since I’ve been studying video production and videography, I think it will be a great idea to expand my creativity by watching more TV series and videos, to study camera tricks, angles, editing tricks, etc. I’ve already started watching Empire every Wednesday at 9pm, and so far I’m into the show. The plot is interesting, and as a music junkie it gives me a peek into what the music industry might be like behind close doors , however I can do without some of the cliches, I just know Fox is having a field day with that. It’s bitter sweet if you ask me, but I’m giving it a chance because it has a good cast and it’s still just the first season. I’ve also started watching an older show, The Killing. It is so good, this series is filled with so many twist and turns, plus the directors use so good angles if your interested in studying what angles you can use in drama and suspense.

Blog more and produce more material
It’s ok to call yourself out on your shit and this is one of them. I’ve been slacking big time on this and I want to apologize to everyone whose been supporting me since day one and those who just clicked because the title interest you. Although I’ve been a bit busy, that’s no excuse. I believe in putting in as much effort in the things that matter most to you and my future, my passion, and interacting with people like you is definitely some of them. So with that, I promise to blog on a weekly basis — this may be a resolution within a resolution.

Be more patient and peaceful
Lets not get it twisted I will always be feisty, but I believe in inner-peace, I have to be both mentally and spiritually strong to keep moving in anything I do in life. Stress, anger, and insecurity, is an easy way to set myself up for failure, and I haven’t made it this far to go backwards. I want to achieve happiness and I want a fulfilling and feisty life. I realized that I can only have that if I gain peace and patience. So how do I say on track with my resolution? I remember my goal and the bigger picture. Then I start to think positively and become more enthusiastic. Instead of being anxious and panic at every situation I keep a few things in mind to keep my peace: God is with me, I tried and if I continue to try and take risk I can only get better, no one gets worse, emotions are not immediately subject to reason but they’re immediately subject to action. I believe if continue to work towards my inner peace I will gain patience.

With all of this being said, don’t treat your resolution like a duty because it’s not, it’s a new adventure that you owe yourself. Enjoy the thrill!

2 thoughts on “Are Your Resolutions Becoming A Blur?

    1. Krissy L. says:

      Thank you Kat, that was a great video. Thanks for recommending it and thanks for checking out my blog, please feel free to follow and connect with me on social media @iamfeistyy


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