The HollaBack PSA

The other day I was going through my feeds and I noticed a PSA for Hollaback of a woman who was harassed 108 times in 10 hours while walking around in NYC. Along with the article was the video showing multiple men hollering at one girl as she walks through Manhattan.

As a young woman living in New York I deal with the nuisance of men making inappropriate comments towards me, hollering at me as they did to the girl in the video, and I’ve even had men grab me by my arm and try to talk to me. This is in no way, shape, or form acceptable and I am glad to see HollaBack do something about it. Women should not have to feel disrespected nor uncomfortable when they are walking in the streets to get from point A to point B (don’t you dare blame it on what women are wearing, that’s a cheap excuse). Street hollering does not discriminate. I can happen to anyone, anywhere, of any race, age, and shape in any type of clothing. Although it has happened to me too many times, I cannot figure out a reason… Confidence? Ignorance? So I decided to ask a male friend of mine and after he watched it he said something I definitely didn’t expect,”I don’t think that’s harassment.” My only response was, “that’s interesting that you say that.” Men made constant remarks towards her and one guy even followed her for a few minutes.

My friend argued that, she did not respond and at least say she was not interested so how will they know, however, I argued that silence or ignoring someone is a form of rejection, it might be rude, but so is yelling out to a woman in the middle of the street. Because that’s how we all have conversations right? Uhh no!

What you think about the PSA and street hollering? Is it verbal Harassment?

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