[Review] The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched)

Photo Cred.: Limor Hakim
Photo Cred.: Limor Hakim

Throughout the end of May to the middle of June, Tada Theater will show the sexually enticing and comical play presented by Ivy Theatre Company, The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched), written by Micheline Auger and directed by Audrey Alford. The play aims to challenge the views of sexual empowerment and intimacy in the age of online porn, dating, and pop culture.

If you have heard of the Donkey punch, then you may already have an idea of what the play is about. If you don’t, spoiler alert! The donkey punch refers to the sexual act of anal sex, so basically, one is experiencing a little more pain while the other receives more pleasure. As you can see you’d have to have a sense of humor and feel comfortable with sex in order to fully enjoy the play, otherwise you’ll miss the revelation, who’s the donkey? Who gets punched?

Kareena, played by Diana Oh, seems to have a bit of nymphomania but is still trying to practice monogamy with her new boyfriend Teddy, who lives with her. While figuring out how to remain in a relationship that doesn’t always satisfy her sexual needs, she pushes her feminist and prudish friend, Sam, played by Lauren Dortch Crozier to date a porn star. In attempts to both step outside their element, the situation ends up with guilt, a porno, and a broken relationship. The play is both funny, drama packed, and for some relatable.

Photo Cred.: Limor Hakim
Photo Cred.: Limor Hakim

The idea of feminism pops up a lot in this play through gender roles and challenging the “typical male” and the “typical female” giving the audience a different perspective on social equality in today’s culture.

The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched) is definitely something for you to see, by the end of the play it will leave you with thoughts to ponder on, while you wipe the tears of laughter off your face.

Check out the dates below for upcoming shows at Tada Theater:

Sunday, June 15, 3PM

Tuesday, June 17, 8PM

Wednesday, June 18, 8PM

Thursday, June 19, 8PM

Saturday, June 21, 7PM

Sunday, June 22, 7PM

Single tickets are $18.00 and for students and seniors, $15.00.

For more information on The Feminism of a Soft Merlot or (How the Donkey Got Punched), visit: http://ivytheatre.com/



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