DC Releases New Music

D.C. from rap group 85th, released a new song early today titled “Southside.” The slow, do or die track, addresses what it’s like living in South side Queens, his hungry ambition, and the struggle to live.

He took to Facebook to give fans more insight on his new release,

I wanna take the time out to say thank you to everybody who listened to the new song we, as in Slow Children & 85th, put out. There’s a long story that goes with the song and I’m a try to keep it short but this song took a long time to make and a whole lot of self reflecting and evaluation for about a year. I had to realize what I wanted to do as an artist and what I wanted to say exactly and now that I can honestly say that I found it dropping “Southside” wasn’t a coincidence two days before Easter (think about it) I dropped ‘LIFE’ & ‘Fear of Flight’ both on April 20th. In conclusion I just hope that one day you look back at this track as the beginning of something revolutionary not just on music’s behalf but socially as well so shout out to #OneNation not one person can do it alone but if we work as one we’re sure to break walls,” said Collins.

Check Southside below.


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