NYNE NYC by: Jesenia Lopez for Him and Her

Nyne NYC by Jesenia Lopez brings the combination of urban street wear and high end clothing into an unisex brand for a simple and edgy appeal.

Media Credit: Alejandro Paulino

Jesenia Lopez presented the first collection of NYNE NYC at the Skyroom on the stylish streets of the Fashion District. The show included many alluring pieces for men and women to embraces the new aesthetic of urban fashion, as Lopez describes, “new silhoutte.”

“Givenchy: perfect example. They were one of the first designers to do it with the  guys wearing a skirt thing. Artist like ASVP Rocky and Kanye West kind of started this path of a new type of fashion, and my designs fit into that category, but its not as literal. It’s more simplified because it’s meant to go for both sexes.”


One of the most interesting pieces of the night was the Unisex Printed Rouched Detail Tunic, it has a beautiful pattern and a variety of ways to wear it.
The model below is wearing this piece as an off the shoulder dress.


While the same piece is worn on a male model as a long shirt. The creative thought behind this design makes it stand out – you have complete freedom in transforming this piece to compliment your style.

Source: Nyne NYC by Jesenia Lopez Facebook page.
Source: Nyne NYC by Jesenia Lopez Facebook page.

To add a more androgynous and modern feel to the collection, Lopez use face paint to white out the faces of the models. Nyne is designed to be worn by anyone, the style speaks for itself.  


“I don’t think fashion should be difficult. Style should be timeless and classic, but fashion itself is easy…People complicate it too much.”


The first step in Lopez’s design process is inspiration, for her designs are inspired by Japanese and Albanian patterns, as well as the locals riding the subway.

“I’ll just sit on the subway and look at what regular people are wearing and find a way to make it 100% cooler.”


Although Lopez draws inspiration from other designers, each piece goes through a process of technical design that will make each garment pop. Lopez creates her own patterns, incorporates details and seams into each garments to evoke the daring style of New York, but not echo the style of other designers.

“I feel like everyone is doing the same thing, they’re copying the designers that they like and doing the whole leather sleeve and it’s played out. I like to compliment other designers rather than compete with them.”


Nyne is expected to release a second collection of completely unisex clothing and everything she has ever wanted to do into her next project.


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