Who is Perrion?

Born in Washington heights and raised in Harlem, rapper Perrion, has had a glimpse of music industry, with his on and off then on again music career. Take a look at how it started.

Q. What influenced you to start making music?
A. I’ve been influenced by hip-hop since a young age. My brother started rapping and I pretty much followed behind his footsteps.

Q. I know Biggie, Jay-Z, and Wu-Tang inspired you, but out of the three, who has made the biggest impact on you and your music?
A. Hmm…I don’t know. I really listen to Jay-Z a lot because he has the most longevity out of all of them and he’s still at it right now. I would probably say Jay-Z.

Q. What age did you start rapping seriously, where you thought you can do this as a career?
A. When I was younger I always knew I wanted to write and do music as a career, whether it was playing drums, making beats, or rapping. I actually got signed to universal records when I was 14, so that’s when I knew it would be like a career for me.

Q. What happened with your deal with Universal Records?
A. Long story. The dude who signed us got dropped from the label, and Sylvia Rhone came in and there were a lot of changes. I pretty much stopped rapping and got into other things, but I’m back at it now.

Q. What about your music is different from what’s out now?
A. I always try to be versatile and not rap on the same type of beats. I always switch it up and that’s something a lot rappers don’t do.

Q. What’s the message behind your music?
A. I’m pretty much just rapping about everyday life, the things I go through, and the things I see happening around me and around the world. I like too keep it 100 at all times.

Q. Being that you were born in Washington Heights and raised in Harlem, how do you plan to uphold and maintain the reputation as a rapper from NY?
A. Keeping New York on the map. It’s a lot of New York rappers coming out right now, you know Rocky is out of Harlem and no one is really putting on from the heights. I definitely want to come out and big them up. That’s where I was raised, that’s all I know, and I have to give back to my town.

Q. What would you consider your biggest accomplishment thus far?
A. Making it in XXL, that was dope. I was in the back in the X-rated section. Growing up I was put on XXL by my uncle because he subscribed to them since they’ve been out. I’ve always looked at the covers he’d put on his wall and be like I want to make on XXL one day. To make it inside the actual magazine was like a blessing.

Q. Whats one artist you would like to collaborate with?
A. Right now I’m working on doing a track with the Underachievers and the track is fire, to be able to perform this song at a show with them will be amazing, it will definitely get the crowd hype. And Joey Bad$$ is another upcoming rapper that fucking with me, so to perform a track we do together.

Q. I know you’ve been touring, what city shows you the most love?
A. I’m still trying to get that NYC love I ain’t got it like that yet, probably overseas. When I went to Paris they were live, they loved me out there. I felt like a superstar. I definitely want to go back to Paris and do another show.

Q. What else can we expect from you for the rest of the year and in 2013?
A. Putting out good music and I’m working on a skate video. Their has been a lot of fans asking for some skate footage so I want to give them that. I know everyone is going to love “From Perry With Love” I can’t wait until it comes out because I put a lot of work into it. I’m just being patient and waiting until everything is perfect.

For more updates on Perrion follow him on Twitter @PerryEats

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This article can also be found on America’s Next Hip-Hop Superstar (hoodtohoodtv).

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