[Review] Soul Tape 2

Soul Tape 2 cover

Last year April, Brooklyn native, Fabolous dropped the first mixtape of his series “Soul Tape.” On Thanksgiving the veteran rapper gave fans something else to be thankful for, as he dropped the highly anticipated second installment “Soul Tape 2.” The sound on this mixtape is slightly different from what Fabolous usually does. He still keeps he lyrics real and metaphorical, how ever he gets more soulful, hints the name of the mixtape.

The 12 track mixtape starts off with “Transformation.” This track reflects back on his life, and compares his old ways and who he was to who he is becoming as a man. This was a good way of starting the mixtape, giving fans an idea of what they are about to listen to.

“Only Life I Know” produced by John Scino, starts with Troy Ave talking about a conversation he had with his girl.

“She said I would of held you down, but we ain’t ever gonna be right
 Cus you to caught up in this street life
but thats the only life I know” 

This track expresses the street life and the hustle being the only life he knows. This track also reveals the struggle of leaving this life and what fans will think if he were to leave.

“B.I.T.E.” produced by Teddy Da Don, starts out with an intro by Biggie Small. This track expressed the artist hard work and dedication to the hustle; he works all day, so he can be able to eat.

“Want You Back,” produced by Sonaro, and features Teyana Taylor and Joe Budden expresses the Karma of messing up a good relationship and in the end your still going to want that person back. The beat for this song resembles the song “Throwback” off of Ushers album “Confessions”.

The sound of this mixtape is definitely fresh and worth the wait. Other artist feature on “Soul Tape 2″ is J.Cole, Pusha T, Cassie, Trey Songz, and Wale.

To listen and download this mixtape click here: “Soul Tape 2″

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