Coming Out Day at Lehman College

SignaturesEmotions overflowed the Student Life Building on Thursday during the Rainbow Unique Showcase presented by Rainbow Alliance and the Counseling Center in honor of Coming Out Day.

The showcase stood for more than just spoken word, short stories, and free food, but it lent a friendly hand for those who struggle with the “coming out” process. “It’s okay, there are people who love you and people who care about you,” said Kalima McKenzie-Simms, president of Rainbow Alliance, an advocacy club for the LGBTQA community at Lehman.

However, the event didn’t solely focus on National Coming Out Day, but it displayed their appreciation to the allies who have given their support. “We really appreciate you; we don’t want anyone to feel like they aren’t appreciated. One ally can save someone’s life,” said McKenzie-Simms.

An ally can be anyone who shows their support or accepts homosexuality by the belief of love is love. Student and theatre director Jason Jeremias, flipped the perspective on homosexuality when he stated, “You’re not coming out of the closet. You’re pulling society out of the closet.”

With two months of planning and over 50 attendees, Rainbow Alliance and the Counseling Center were able to spread a greater message of hope, not just for the LGBTQA community.

“I thought it was beautiful and amazing,” said Giselle Mateo, a psychology major. “I think it’s amazing when different people can gather in a room and share a vision for anything.”

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