IAF Introduces WillMega

WilmegaHip-Hop has recreated its art, where it almost seems like a religion. Buyers, consumers, and other supporters become the disciples, lyrics are Bible verses, and artist become Gods. With a generation of new talent on the rise, Harlem based rapper, Willmega introduces himself as a Profit of the second coming in Hip-Hop history.

This new metaphorical emcee uses old school sounds and his crime influenced neighborhood to provide listeners with word savvy lyrics, pondered thoughts, and historic knowledge in every verse. His video release “Juice” does exactly that, the hungry rapper makes his mark in this industry to prepare listeners as well as music makers what’s yet to come – he has the juice.

What’s interesting about Willmega’s musical influence is, he doesn’t just draw up inspiration from God, bad break ups, and the hardships life presents, but he is heavily influenced by civil rights leaders and the art itself.

“Good music takes me to another place and can inspire me in an instant, I’m a fan first.” -Willmega

With Kounter Kulture being the fuel to his drive, both Willmega and his team are prepared to drop his first and highly anticipated mixtape, Emerald Tablet. Like the historic stone, this album is expected to contain many teachings and translations, which will ultimately shift the mindset of listeners from one state to another.

If your a fan of old school hip-hop and wonder what hip-hop has in store for the future, Willmega is worth a listen.
“Show love we can all see the hate.” – WillMega
For more make sure to stay connect with this upcoming emcee on Tumblr and Twitter.
The Revelation,
New Media. New Era.

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