Top 10 Rappers Who Shouldn’t Respond to Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is all the hype in the hip-hop game right now. After the release of “Control” by Big Sean, Lamar’s verse was either the most hated and the most love by fans and other hip-hop artist, but who really has the say so to respond? We don’t know, but here is The Revelations top ten list of rappers who don’t need respond with a diss track. Let’s go!

1. CassidyCassidy. No doubt Cassidy got bars, yea we know, but what is Cassidy doing with it? Hip-hop is for the artist who can keep the attention of society and fans, sorry you didn’t make Kendrick’s list, but you made The Revelation Top Ten List Who Shouldn’t Make A Diss Track.

Joell-Ortiz2. Joell Ortiz. The first question that might have popped up was “who is this again?” Followed by “he’s nice though.” Although he did make a nice diss track, Ortiz is in the same boat as Cassidy, where is the resume? Where are the albums? A radio hit? If Ortiz uses this track to regain attention and make music that will sell, then he can probably get off he list.

Fabolous-3. Fabolous. Fab has claimed the title “King of New York” and everyone is waiting to hear what he has to say. Indeed Fab has an ill flow, but do not make a diss track for Kendrick Lamar. While this may be debatable, Lamar has bars, he’s a good MC, but Fab, has a nice flow and he makes things sound good, in a battle who would win.

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 10.25.20 AM

fred-the-godson4. Fred The Godson. Fred The Godson, is not in any place to respond to anything in relation to this song. The line “King of New York” shouldn’t offend him, he was nowhere near having that title, simple. His diss track explains why he made the list.

5. B.O.B. Atlanta was not disrespected nor mentioned in the original song, the beat was horrible, and using the flow from “Versace” and “Swimming Pool” over a guitar beat is what really got you on this list.

Lupe-Fiasco6. Lupe Fiasco. Maybe someone knows where Lupe plays a role in all of this and why he is upset with the Jay Z and Nas comparisons. Lupe Fiasco is pretty dope he didn’t need to do this.

Mickey Factz7. Mickey Factz. “Where I been at? What I’m up to? Nobody cares so my response is fuck you.” Don’t open up a song like this, you said it yourself, no one cares so next!

8. Papoose. Weren’t Kendrick and Papoose cool? It has to be more than the “King of NY” title that made him go off like this.

jr-writer9. JR Writer. In a battle would he win? Really would he? Stop it.

10. Astronomical Kid. It didn’t make sense to call Kendrick out for claiming “King of NY,” while your doing the same on the diss track. Do you, and continue building your resume.

Check out what The Revelation had to say about the original song HERE!

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