Ciara Album Release Party Review

CiaraSinger, songwriter, and fashion model, Ciara, has been up and down New York City in her Louboutins in preparation for her self title album release party. On Tuesday night the curly haired blonde bombshell celebrated her comeback at Finale where fans and New York socialites were all invited to listen to her seductive hit “Body Party”along with other exclusive singles from the album. 

However, the organizers were selective with which RSVP list they were going with. Unfortunately the doormen gave IAF, the Black Ink artist, O’ Shit, and “The Life NYC” the boot and were not allowed in, we feel the love. I hope Ciara and her organizers wouldn’t  be to upset when we give her album the boot too! declares Ciara’s “Tuesday Baby Tuesday” album release party a certified dub! No hate of course, just realness, if you’re going to invite fans to celebrate with you, at least give them he heads up that only the “exclusive list” will gain entry.

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