Half Past Sex: Chapter 2 Review

Half Past Sex: Chapter 2Often times you may want to escape the reality of everyday life and engage in new experiences that may be totally out of your element or you may want to live curiously through someone else’s life, either way in Dash’s new novel he allows you to become a part of a story that is so compelling, you may be at the edge of your seat in anticipation.

In “Half Past Sex, Chapter 2,” Dash takes his readers on another adventure that sparks ones inner sexuality, and takes you down the road of betrayal and deceit where the forbidden becomes acceptable. In the second installment of this adult novel Dash captures the love, hurt, weakness, and desires of an African-American man.

The story begins with protagonist, Promise Davenport, who seems to be on the right track to the perfect life. Unfortunately for Davenport all good things must come to an end as his life starts to unravel piece by piece when he finds out his wife had an affair with another man and the child he’d grown to love wasn’t his.

Soon after this gruesome revelation, the novel takes an interesting turn as Dash explores one of the most unorthodox relationships – a sexual attraction to one of his high school students. Even though you may turn your head to this inappropriate relationship, one cannot help but wonder what’s going to happen next. Little does Davenport know, this teacher-student relationship was just the start of his multiple sexual escapades.

“Half Past Sex, Chapter 2,” is a quick yet suspenseful read. If you’re into sexual thrillers and out of the ordinary ordeals, this may be the perfect read for you. Find a copy in your local book store as well as in iBooks and Nook.

For more information follow Dash on Twitter @DarealDash

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