[Review] Feel Grown and Sexy with New Designers

When you hear grown and sexy you may think of a beautiful woman in a flawless black dress with a pair of high heels complimentary to her frame, or a handsome man in a half buttoned black collar shirt, a blazer, and a pair of pants at one of the most elite nightclubs in the city. Either way their sexuality, creativity, and maturity manages to allure anyone who crosses them.

Powerful six inch heels hit the grounds of Brooklyn as OT Jacques presented the “Grown and Sexy” fashion show at Plenty’s Paradise. The nightclub transformed into a chic urban indulgence for fashionistas as four designers showcased their hot Spring 2013 collection down the red velvet runway.

Designs, patterns, and stripes are in for this season. On an average day you may see a hand full of people rockin’ some type of camouflage pattern. Emilia Robertson, one of the designers of the night, explored this present trend and owned it. She added her sassy and bold touch to each piece as she presented her camo collection by Eccentric Love.

The high-strung model sported Eccentric Love’s fitted knee length green camouflage pencil skirt complimented by a neon orange, long sleeve, high collar neck line with peek-a-boo sides. This outfit showed the perfect amount of skin to keep it classy but still sexy. For alternatives, Robertson reversed the outfit on another model – she rocked the runway with and camo printed bra with gold chains flowing down and a high cut neon orange pencil skirt. What stood out the most with these outfits were the bold statement it sent. It’s hard to pull off such extreme trends but with “Eccentric Love” it’s possible.

For men, the tall, dark, and handsome model wore a camo print jacket with leather sleeves, accompanied with gold studs. Her clothing is daring and fierce for men and women. If you’re into edginess and uniqueness, this is a line made especially for you.

The next designer, Lucky Dompierre, started off the night as he introduced his line Highly Humble. Dompierre went for casual sexy. Each model flaunted a variety of Summer, Spring, and Winter fashion. One particular look that stood out the most were the sweatsuits. When you walk down the street everyone will know who you’re wearing. If you’re more subtle when it comes to who you wear, this may not be the line for you. The jacket had a medium sized H on the upper left chest, “Highly” printed on the back “Humble” across the derrière. This is three logos on one outfit – not an admirable idea.

Highly Humble is for the laid back and modest fashion elite who doesn’t have to do much to look amazing. However, with the logos everywhere it creates a flashy look, the total opposite of the targeted audience. Although you may want brand recognition, too many logos can be harmful and diminish the quality of the clothing. Sometimes less is more.

The night took a turn when Casey Russell presented Claude B. Russell Designs. This designer approached a style for the divas, not necessarily meaning snobby and rude, but confident and elegant with a touch of sophistication. It appeals to the divas who not only dress to express individuality and dominance, but also let their sexuality show – Claude B. Russell Designs’ separates you from other designers.

One particular design Russell introduced was a black and creme, half laced backless mini dress. It’s tricky to wear a dress that reaveals so much skin and still maintain a sense of class, but Russell pulled it off. The long laced sleeves kept a sophisticated look but the the back revealed another side. When dealing with a diva you don’t always know what to expect.

Emirose Designs by Niquasia Bailey appeals to the young and spirited. Bailey’s clothing has a touch of excitement and uniquess which stands out. If you really enjoy the idea of exploring fashion this is the line for you. Emirose Designs will also appeal to the fashionistas who gravitates to urban fashion and art.

Her best piece of the night was her mini leopard print dress and matching shades. The eye fashion made this piece pop – it was covered in the leopard print to the point where you might wonder if the model was able to see, however that didn’t stop the her as she shashayed down the runway. Another fun piece was the blue, pink, and purple tutu worn with matching sweatshirt. This outfit would appeal to the edgier crowd.

Each designer of the night demonstrated various styles of what it is to be grown and sexy. For more from these designers check out there websites.

Eccentric Love by Emilia Robertson

Highly Humble by Lucky Dompierre

Claude B. Russell Designs by Casey Russell

Emirose Designs by Qua Bailey

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