[Review] Trips & Slim: The Preface

469d42e98f48cb71c5c6ef7a4b011d87In the same place where artist like Jay-Z and Fabolous recorded some of the hottest hits, Square Off presented a listening party for Trips and Slims at Stadium Red in Harlem on November 15th.

With about 62 attendees, Trips and Slim introduced their 15 track mixtape “The Preface”. In efforts to push out great music, the two artist took their musical genius to new heights. “The Preface” provides more than just 15 songs, but a reflection of their experiences and openness to helping other dedicated artist.

Each song of this mixtape is divided into a section. One section referred to as the “dark phase” consist of songs such as “Karma” and “Cold Blood”. “Karma” speaks to anyone that has ever doubted them or for anyone who has tried to harm rather then help their success. While you listen to this track, you can feel the heart felt emotions and realism in each lyric.

Another section that’s filled with high energy songs like “Dom P & Cigars” and “NBA”, will most definitely have you dancing in your seat, bopping your head back and forth to the beat. The sounds on both tracks run through your body allowing you to feel each specific sound. The lyrics give you a personal insight on who Trips and Slim really are and their love for  making the music.

However, the beat slows down as it approaches the section for the ladies. “Direct Message” and “Waste My Time”, both reflects experiences with the ladies. “Direct Message” expresses where things can go if you just hit them in a DM. While “Waste My Time” speaks to the females about the value of time and for them not to waste it.

This mixtape definitely has a lot of tracks listeners can relate to and is also filled with a variety of content for everyone. Along side with the mixtape you can expect a DVD documentary which provides a inside look on who they are. Keep an eye out, you don’t want to miss this.

For more on Trips and Slim Follow them on Twitter: @DropTopSlim @SquareOffTrips
And visit www.squareoffmusic.com

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