[Review] “I Live: A novel without heroes”

I Live coverIt’s one thing to have an author grab your attention from the start of the book and keep it all the way to the very end, but it’s another when he can allure you into a novel of sex, love, and violence at the same time. I Live: a novel without heroes by A.D. Wright is a story unlike many urban fiction novels. The author knew the exact ingredients to make an excellent story and that’s what he did.

Wright used the perfect ratio of love and violence so it didn’t overwhelm his readers, but intrigued both men and women. He provided elements for everyones liking whether its religion, suspense, thrill, or love. On one side you have a young educated college student who fell in love with her opposite attraction. On the other you have robberies, dirty cops, and drug scandals. The story started off a bit slow but it created a sense of suspense. Once the reader hit the climax of the story it picked up like a fast action film.

Throughout the novel, Wright used vivid details which allowed readers to actually feel like they were one of the characters. The scenes and emotion are so real you felt the heart pumping pressure, the confusion whether to snitch or not, and the intimidation by the police officers in the interrogation room. You also felt the genuine love Marcus had for Sarah when he begged for her forgiveness.

Marcus, a former inmate, came out prison with a new focus, meaning, and logic on life. He gathered a group and created a master plan that would benefit him and people in the community, but the way he does this may be questionable. The novel incorporated urban fiction with the idea of conspiracy theories, which readers pondered throughout the entire novel. It may even alter your outlook on life and religious views.

I Live: a novel without heroes is filled with many twists and by the end it will leave you contemplating what society really considers to be right or wrong. This is a great read whether you’re a fan of urban fiction or not. It is refreshing from other novels in this genre but still attacks the suspense and drama you love.

To see for yourself I Live: a novel without heroes can be found on amazon.com and in select book stores.

Follow the author on twitter: @awrighter

To listen to an interview with A.D. Wright press play after the jump.

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