[Review] Proactiv Solution

ImageYou’ve probably seen your T.V. fluttered with commercials about the number one acclaimed acne treatment it in between your favorite show – or perhaps you’ve seen Julian Huff and Justin Bieber boast about how it made an impact on their career. However, Proactiv Solution needs help from other leading acne and skin care treatments in order to give the best results.

As a first time user, Proactiv starts you off with a small thirty-day supply beginners kits. The beginners kit comes with a three-step system, an extra skin care treatment of your choice, and a free gift.

The first step of the three-step system is the Renewing Cleanser. A white, oil and soap free scrub made with micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide. The exfoliating cleanser feels like tiny course beads rubbing across your face. It is a rough cleanser; if you rub it to hard it feels like it’s scratching your skin. It’s recommended to apply to face with gentle care due its roughness. The smell of the renewing cleanser is strong; it smells like something you can clean your bathroom with and may discourage one from using it. Despite the smell, it gives your face a fresh clean feel. At the same time, it will leave skin extremely dry. Because benzoyl peroxide is peeling agent, it will make your skin feel like with one slight movement, your skin will crack.

The second step of the three-step system is the Revitalizing Toner. It is a green liquid that feels a bit oily at first, but it doesn’t appear oily on the skin. The smell of the toner isn’t nearly as strong as the cleanser, but still keeps the clean and refreshed feel to the skin.

The final step of the three step system is the Repairing Treatment. This treatment is not a moisturizer, it’s just a serum. The serum is also made with benzoyl peroxide, so dryness of the skin will increase. By the time you finish washing your face with the whole kit, your face will feel stiff and hard move.

Proactiv provides an extra treatment and a free gift with the three-step system. Let’s say one received the Refining Mask and the Green Tea Moisturizer.

If used 2-3 times a week, the refining mask works fast and within three weeks of use the pimples will start to go away.

The green tea moisturizer is supposed to help treat the dryness that occurs when using any of the Proactiv cleansing products. However, the white, creamy, clay like scent moisturizer hardly restores the sufficient amount of moisture to your face. Regardless of the amount of moisturizer you use it still will not effectively replenish your skin. The moisturizer is not strong enough to provide moisture after the extreme dryness. The dryness can be consistent without a better moisturizer, and this is where the use of another skin care product is useful.

However, Proactiv Solution has decent prices. The prices vary depending on the treatment you use and whether you’re a member or not. Proactiv members will have cheaper prices on all products oppose to nonmembers. However, membership is not binding and you can leave or cancel it at any time.

Despite the severe dryness that occurs, Proactiv Solution is a good acne treatment and it does guarantee result within 30 days. It’s best that when using this product one might need to mix with another product to help the treat dryness in the skin.

Let’s say you use all of the three steps and refining mask – you should use a better moisturizer to give your skin a comfortable feel. Or let’s say you choose to use a different brand of toner that adds moisture to the skin, then proceed with Proactiv’s green tea moisturizing treatment – either way you will have to combine Proactiv with another product, if not the dryness will occur every day while using the product.

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