Ten Low Price Designer Retailers

nordstrom-rack With an increase of gas prices, rent, and groceries, it may be difficult to stay in style due to dramatic economic struggles. Although the cost of living has met its all time high, doesn’t mean the cost of fashion has to.

Here are ten retailers that allow you to keep designer brands in your closet for a much lower price.

Amazon “My Habit”:
is a part of the regular Amazon, however this is strictly clothing, shoes, and accessories. It provides customers with name brands such as Hunter, Dr. Martens, and many more. “My Habit” discounts are up to 60% off regular retail price. This retailer is only available online at http://www.myhabit.com

TJ Maxx:
provides a wide range of discounted designer clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and house ware items. The prices are discounted to more than half off the original prices for kids, plus size, petite, and a special designer section called “The Runway”. This section presents more expensive designer brands such as Gucci, Prada, and more. Savings from this retailer are in-store only, however they have over 900 locations in the United States as well as other countries.

Ebay: is an online auction that offers daily deal to accommodate consumers needs on electronics, clothing, accessories, and more.

Century 21 Department Store: offers clothing for men, women, and kids, as well as home furnishing. C21 carries brands such as Guess, Levis, Nine West, and more at nearly 60% off. Savings don’t end at the store; C21 offers even more discounts online. Century 21 department stores have seven different locations in the New York and New Jersey area.

Amazon: offers nearly everything, from electronics, clothing, shoes, etc. all for less. Amazon works with a variety of different retailers to guarantee you are getting the best prices. Amazon is only available to online purchases at http://www.amazon.com

Nordstrom Rack: is the off-price division of “Nordstrom.” Nordstrom Rack offers the same items sold at Nordstrom, just at a discounted price. There are 117 locations and one clearance store. This retailer offers savings online and in store.

Marshall’s: is a division of the TJX companies. When it comes to the pricing, there’s hardly a difference. Like TJ Maxx, Marshall’s marks down nearly 50% off original price items. Marshall’s offers a wider range for mens clothing and both men and women shoes. Savings from Marshall’s are in-store only as well.

Burlington Coat Factory:
offers clothing for men, women, kids, a wide selection of coats, as well as home furnishing. Burlington Coat Factory discounts from 50 to 60 percent off regular ticket price. Savings from this retailer is not limited to in-store purchase but online as well. Burlington coat factory has over 470 stores in 44 different states and in Puerto Rico.

DSW: offers a wide arrange of discounted shoes and handbags, with brands like Steve Madden and many more. DSW does not sell any clothing, however, they have a variety of handbags as well. Savings are not limited to in-store purchases, DSW provides more shoes, accessories, and savings online at http://www.DSW.com

Loehmann’s: Another fashion retailer that reduces 30 to 65 percent off all men, women, kids, shoes, and accessories. Loehmann’s offer brands such as Joe’s, Ellie Tahari, Missoni, and more. They have 40 stores in eleven states, as well as an online store, allowing endless opportunities to save.

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