[Review] Joey Bada$$ – Rejex

Who knew a new school emcee could connect hip-hop back to its Golden Age. Joey Bada$$, a young rapper straight out of Brooklyn, New York released his new mixtape “Rejex” on September 6. The suitably named mixtape was inspired by the songs that didn’t make the cut on his first album “1999”. Joey Bada$$ put this mixtape together because he didn’t want to keep any of his song away from his fans. He also hoped that fans will see the progress he’d made from a 15 year old rapper, to the rapper he is now.

The progress was clear. Although “Little Rachel”“Indubitable”, and “Silent Knight” are good heart felt tracks, the maturity from these three in comparison to the others are obvious. Not only can you hear the growth in this rhymes, but the appreciation he has for music, and his growth as an emcee.

“Silent Knight”, expresses a love he has for a girl who has broken his heart and how it affected him. While “Little Rachel” begins with the lack of love and neglect from his father and ends with the effects it had on poor little Rachel.

“I don’t even know you and I hate you
All I know is that my moms used to date you
I hate the motherfucking God that fucking made you
I take that back, sorry Lord but fuck him I’m thankful” 

 It is clear that some love was missing in his life when he was growing up, however he did not let that interfere with his love for music.

In his track “Flow-ers”, Joey Bada$$ talks about the affection and persistence he has for rapping. He doesn’t regret his decision to go against the “normal teenager” route to success by going to school, getting married, having kids, etc. He relays to his fans and listeners that rapping is what he is meant to do, and he won’t stop until his dreams are achieved. “If I ain’t know no better I could have been sucked right up into the setup but I kept my head up nd every time I fell I would get up.”

This mixtape is definitely a must hear for anyone who appreciates good music. It’s appealing for those who admire old school and new school rap music. His main focus as an artist is to bring real rap back and that’s exactly what he does.

Listen and download the free mixtape here: Joey Bada$$- “Rejex”

Follow him on twitter: @JoeyBADASS_

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