[Review] Ace IOD- “Capital Concepts”

Straight from the streets of New York City’s most known drug haven. Washington Heights introduces MC Ace IOD. Ace IOD has recently dropped his new mixtape “Capital Concepts” on October 8th with sixteen tracks and a glimpse of his life in the hood.

The intro to his mixtape starts out with a reporter covering the area of Washington Heights. The track displays the Heights as a drug infested area, where people don’t talk just hustle. Ace IOD give his listeners a preview of what they are about to experience – and it’s not all pretty.

“Dope Boy” reveals his hustle, which is drugs. This track portrays the boss who fell into the life of the streets.

“Be the One” goes more in depth than “Dope Boy”. In “Be the One” the track expresses his strive and ambition, what he wants to accomplish, and what he really does the rapping and the hustling for.

“I’m just tryna be the one, the one who got his mama out the slums
 the one who pay the bills, the one who make a com, the one who ain’t stoppin till a day a nigga done
I’m just tryna be the one”

“Hard days” displays the hard times of being in the hood – the raids, the drugs, the deaths. But the hard days will not break him. He’s a hustler.

“Capital Concepts”, gives his listeners a taste of who he is. However, it may only be relatable to those are aware of the street lifestyle. Because this mixtape has one primary focus, the streets, it may not capture all audiences.

Listen and download his mixtape here: “Capital Concept$”

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